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Los Angeles Times
“Kaplan is not merely the author of two previous best-selling novels built around international intrigue but is probably without peer in his grasp of the delicate and explosive relationship between the Israelis and the Palestinians. This is a terrorist thriller in the best tradition of the genre by an author who knows the Middle East like the back of his hand.”

NY Times
“A look at the complexities of the Palestinian problem. Kaplan brings together a former Palestinian terrorist and an Israeli agent, who unite in a common cause.”

Denver Post
“A web of intrigue.”

Jerusalem Post
“Incredible thrills. An ingenious plot. This book is a gripper.”

Los Angeles Jewish Journal
“Seems to have leaped from today’s headlines. Kaplan’s book has achieved what may be the ultimate in evidence of true balance.”

Sada Alwatan (Leading Arabic Newspaper of North America)
“Heart rending. Kaplan tells the story in rapid-fire sequences dripping with realism; indeed so heavily infused with actual fact that it’s difficult to remember this is a work of fiction.”

Al Fajr (Jerusalem Palestinian Weekly)
“In a conflict where both sides have tended to dehumanize the other, Kaplan has created two extremely human characters—one Palestinian, the other Israeli. In observing such a fictional relationship I found myself looking at the Israelis that I came across this week in a slightly different manner. I found I wanted to try and shed some of the stereotypes that living on one side of the conflict had given me. Maybe this is the purpose of fiction in the first place—to break down barriers.”